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PCDWorld is a fansite for the Pussycat Dolls. We do not know the band, nor do we have contact with the band members, their families, record label or management.

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All pictures or images of the Pussycat Dolls (and other artists) are copyrighted to the photographer, all newspaper, magazine articles are copyrighted to the author/newspaper where appropriate.

Files such as media (e.g. audio clips & videos) are owned by Universal Music and the respective TV Companies which have broadcasted the show.

The entire site's contents, where it be photographs, articles, media etc. cannot be used on other sites without prior permission of the site owner. If you want to use something on your site please contact us first to explain what you are using and for what purpose. The huge selection of video captures in the gallery are copywrited to the capturer and should NOT be copied, manlipulated, changed or used on any other websites.

The site content is a mixture of exclusive content which we were given over the years, and others resources such as books, magazines, newspapers and other internet website.

PCDWorld will not be held responsible for the content of extenal sites linked from our site.

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