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We launched in 2006 supporting the dolls as they rose to global dominiation and despite the leaner times ahead we remain to the cause of supporting the original dolls in the singing group lineup.

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News Arrow [Updated - HD] @NicoleScherzy debuts "Boomerang" on Let's Dance For Comic Relief
  Posted by Marit on 2013-03-03 12:59:49 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
Last night, Nicole made her debut performance of "Boomerang" in the UK, on Let's Dance For Comic Relief! Enjoy the performance, in High Definition thanks to Matt, on YouTube below!
Due to the lovely UMG the video is blocked worldwide on YouTube, this could be a fun month! Here is a link to the video on DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxx7r2_bbc-one-hd-1_music#.UTNL2qIzCSo

Don't forget to change the DailyMotion settings to HD! You can do so by clicking on 380 Quality and change it to 720p.
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News Arrow @KimberlyKWyatt performs "Derriere" on Got To Dance
  Posted by Marit on 2013-03-01 22:46:35 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
Kimberly performed a new song, called "Derriere", (yes, the back end, your butt) on Got To Dance last weekend. I've been a bit behind in news but I'll try and improve from now on!

On a personal note, I've graduated for the study I've been doing for the past 3-4 years, and am now officially Teacher Assistent! smile.gif
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News Arrow Nicole on the National Television Awards 2013
  Posted by Marit on 2013-01-25 15:31:38 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
@NicoleScherzy was present at the National Television Awards 2013 this Wednesday to present an award and hopefully receive an award as well... Unfortunately X Factor lost to Strictly Come Dancing, but watch Nicole's presenting skills below! If you use this video, please credit PCDWorld.co.uk smile.gif

Nicole presenting an award:

If you can't play the video on YouTube, try the DailyMotion link HERE. Here's some backstage interviews/clips:

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News Arrow @NicoleScherzy is back ... And so am I!
  Posted by Marit on 2013-01-25 14:16:59 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
Almost as if I'd planned it! Or did I ... Either way, as I'm sure you all know by now, Nicole's song "Boomerang" has been sent to British radio and the video has been released on VEVO! Watch it on VEVO HERE and if it's 'not available in your region' (really VEVO? 5 years on and that's still not sorted?) luckily it's also on her YouTube page!

And, for the unfortunate among us who can't see the video on YouTube either, HERE's a little linky to Dailymotion... (please note that if you click on '380 Quality' in the video you can also watch it in HD! (720 HD)
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News Arrow @NicoleScherzy on the X Factor Result Shows - 18th November 2012
  Posted by Marit on 2012-11-19 06:47:54 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
Result Shows were shown last night, and it showed that either the counting man at X Factor missed out on a few numbers, OR the judges' comments have put people off voting. You'll probably understand me better after watching the 2 videos below!

Watch X Factor HERE.

Watch Xtra HERE.
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News Arrow @NicoleScherzy on the X Factor Live Shows - 17th November 2012
  Posted by Marit on 2012-11-18 15:34:57 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
After a tough week, Nicole was back on the panel judging on the show. Despite everything, by her own admission, everything was "shamazing" and "Jahmazing"... For all the rest, there's 3 links below to click on to watch it!

Watch part 1 HERE.

Watch part 2 HERE.

Watch Xtra HERE.
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News Arrow @ImAshleyRoberts releases music video for "Yesterday"
  Posted by Marit on 2012-11-16 19:55:17 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
This is getting serious! Ashley just released the video to her official VEVO Channel for "Yesterday", which is up for download on iTunes all around the world.

And, I'm a bit later than promised but the past few days have been quite hectic for me... (deadlines!) There's a YouTube channel RIGHT HERE that daily uploads the episodes for "Get Me Out Of Here (Now)", a few hours after airing. So sub to that channel and watch the episodes thru that channel daily!
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News Arrow [Updated] Ashley & Kimberly on "I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here"
  Posted by Marit on 2012-11-12 20:32:15 GMT | Category: Pussycat Dolls News
It was a busy former PCD night last night... First Nicole on X Factor and and straight after on ITV1 Ashley on this show! It's airing again tonight, so I'll try and get up that episode tomorrow night or Wednesday, but for now click here to watch the first episode!

Update: Thanks to Matt for sending me some info on this show... So it's on ITV1 everyday up to early December, and then there's an extra show on ITV2 with live interviews straight after. The video above is the ITV2 show which coincidentally has Kimberly in it so it really WAS a busy night for former PCD's... I'll try and get the main show up on Wednesday together with tonight's as well!
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